Supported areas

These are the areas which the Foundation supports. The primary focus lies within research and education, especially within the field of audiology.

  • Education and other efforts with a view to preventing and alleviating hearing loss.
  • Publications, conferences and campaigns that aim to disseminate knowledge about hearing and hearing loss to scientists, audiologists and the general public.
  • Research projects in the fields of audiology, psychoacoustics, psychology and sociology.
  • Research projects, conferences, publications and other methods that aim to disseminate knowledge – especially to children – about audiology and hearing aids.
  • Scholarships to young scientists who wish to work at Oticon’s Research Centre Eriksholm or to scientists who run their own projects that meet the objects clause of the Oticon Foundation.
  • Projects with a view to improving the quality of life of children and adults through education, social activities and the use of new information technology.
  • Education grants and anniversary grants to employees in the William Demant Group.
  • General commercial, cultural, scientific, social, educational and artistic purposes.