The Foundation in figures

For the past 10 years, the William Demant Foundation has donated more than 700 million Danish kroner to projects that fall under the charter.

Audiology and hearing

Of the 700 million Danish kroner donated in the past 10 years, a little more than one third was donated to projects with particular focus on audiology and hearing, i.e. projects initiated to treat or alleviate hearing loss or projects that outline the impacts of hearing loss.

Education of young people

Also the education of young people carries quite a lot of weight in the overall statistics of donations made by the Foundation, as approximately one fifth of all donations are made to projects such as student exchange programmes and PhD dissertations.

Art and culture

As far as art and culture are concerned, the Foundation’s donations are numerous and shared among many less cost-intensive projects. However, even if the amounts granted to each project are relatively modest, the mere number of donations means that almost one fifth of alle donations made by the Foundation for the past 10 years fall under this category.


The aggregate donation amounts have risen in the past years. If we look at the aggregate amounts donated in the past three years, we donated approximately 100 million Danish kroner in 2010, which fell to 70 million kroner the next year, but rose again in 2012 to 125 million kroner.

Annual reports

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