William Demant Foundation is a commercial foundation whose main purpose is to secure and expand the commercial activities of Demant A/S and William Demant Invest and to donate money to charitable causes.

Focus on research into audiology

For the past ten years, William Demant Foundation has donated more than 700 million Danish kroner to a string of different causes, focusing on projects promoting research into and dissemination of knowledge about audiology. But William Demant Foundation also contributes significantly to young people’s education, to social projects helping marginalised groups and to initiatives with a view to furthering art and culture.

Please see the overview of the major projects supported by William Demant Foundation here.

William Demant Foundation has for the last decade donated more than 40 million Danish kroner to among others Danish PhD students. The Foundation has co-founded The Mary Foundation that works to fight social isolation, and in the field of audiology, William Demant Foundation has donated more than 20 million Danish kroner to, among other projects, the Centre for Applied Hearing based at the Technical University of Denmark and more than 100 million Danish kroner to the Ida Institute.

Read the deed of foundation here (only in Danish).